Compensation policy


“Bambooship” means Bambooship Joint Stock Company.

“Customer” means an individual or entity using Bambooship’s Services.

“Postage” means letters, packages, parcels of goods that are legally accepted, transported and delivered by Bambooship in Bambooship’s post office system.

“Order” means a request to perform a Service established by the Customer through the System or handwritten in the form of a Postage/Service Request Form with complete information about the Shipment.

“Service” means the service related to the delivery and delivery of the Parcel, including: accepting, transporting and delivering the Parcel by various means from the place designated by the Customer to the recipient’s location.

“System” means application software installed on a mobile device or website that Bambooship sets up for Customer’s use of the Service, including creating, managing and tracking the progress of Orders; payment of Service charges; control and collate data on Postal Items and Service charges.


Article 1. Bases for verification of postal value:

Postal value is verified by one of the following bases (in order of priority from top to bottom):

    • Is the value shown/represented on the legally valid invoice (“VAT Invoice”), provided that the description of the Goods stated on the invoice matches the description stated by the Customer on the Invoice. row; information provided from Customer’s data system, or information provided from Customer’s Recipient’s system. Customer’s purchase and sale transaction information, including 1 in 2 cases:
      • Statement/image of transaction statement: is the image of money transfer to pay for goods via bank or e-wallet; or:
      • The image shows the purchase and sale transaction: shown by (i) the image of the chat with information about the value of the goods and the information on the order that was closed before the time Bambooship performed the service (ii) in the In case the Customer sells goods through live video streaming on social networks, the sender must provide an image and link of the live streaming video with purchase comments (quantity, value of goods, phone number). phone, recipient’s address) matches the information on the order.
    • The average value of postal items is shown on 03 e-commerce websites randomly selected by Bambooship.

Article 2. Compensation levels are prescribed as follows:

Liability to compensate for damage: The service provider is responsible for compensating for damage that occurs during the provision of the Service when the fault lies entirely with the service provider. The compensation for damage related to the status of Postal items is made as follows:

a. Insurance fees:

Postal value

Insurance fees

≤ 3.000.000 (three million dong)


>3.000.000 (three million dong)

0.5% Postage value

b. In case of lost or misplaced postal items:


Order status

Postage value


VAT bill

≤ 3 millions

> 3 millions




Bồi thường 100% giá trị bưu gửi

Bồi thường 100% giá trị bưu gửi nhưng tối đa không quá 10.000.000 VNĐ (mười triệu đồng)




Compensation 100% of postage value

Compensation 04 (four) times Service charge




Compensation 04 (four) times Service charge

Compensation 04 (four) times Service charge




Compensation 04 (four) times Service charge

Compensation 04 (four) times Service charge

c. In case the parcel is damaged

The amount of compensation will depend on the degree of damage of the Product, specifically calculated as follows:

Damages for Damaged Products = Amount of compensation for Loss of Products as determined in Section b above * (multiplied by) the rate of compensation specified in the table below:


Compensation Rate

Compensation Amount

Products are broken, damaged up to 50%

Up to 50%

The amount of compensation for Loss of Products * (multiplied) up to 50% and not less than four (04) times the Service charge used

Products are broken, damaged more than 50%


Amount of Damages for Loss of Products * (multiply by) 100%

The Parties acknowledge and agree that in the event the Product is damaged by more than 50%, ownership of such damaged Product belongs to Bambooship. The Customer undertakes to sign the necessary documents and carry out the required procedures for the purpose of transferring ownership of the damaged Product to Bambooship.

Bambooship will indemnify in the event of Damaged Products without any obligation to investigate the cause of such damage and damage.

After the Parties have determined the above liability and compensation, the Customer is obliged to provide Bambooship with complete and accurate documents related to the compensation.

Bambooship is obliged to compensate the Customer within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of all invoices and documents related to the compensation.

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