Goods not shipped


  1. Dangerous or toxic substances, including explosives, radioactive materials, or gasoline (for clarity, Dangerous Goods will not be considered dangerous or hazardous substances);
  2. Toxic or agrochemicals;
  3. Limited weapons, firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, military supplies;
  4. Tobacco, cigarettes and tobacco substitutes;
  5. Pirated goods, copies, currencies, seals, bonds, etc.;
  6. Securities or cash, gift certificates;
  7. Artwork, contracts, movies, manuscripts, passports and other products that cannot be recovered if lost;
  8. Smuggled products, illegal forest products, illegal publications and other products that are illegal or against public order;
  9. Restricted animals, animal parts, bones or plants;
  10. Medical equipment;
  11. Any other goods that may, from time to time, be prohibited by applicable laws and regulations, or by any Government agency in Vietnam.
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