Instructions for creating orders using Excel

To create an order, the shop will do 2 steps:

  • Create a store. This step takes place when:
    • Shop has no store information.
    • Shop needs to add a new store.
  • Create bulk orders. Make an Excel menu.

I. CREATE A STORE, Shop proceeds with the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Store Management.

Step 2: Select Add New.

Step 3: Fill in the store’s name, address, contact SDT.

Step 4: Click Save.

II. CREATE ORDER IN BULK, Shop uses the Excel Order Up feature:

Step 1: Download the excel file to your computer and fill in the information.

Note when filling excel file:

  • Order Codes, Carton Numbers: No need to fill in, only applicable to the case of 1 order with many packages.
  • Package Code: Shop can enter the Shop’s order code, or leave it blank, the system will automatically generate the code.
  • The remaining information such as Description, Quantity, …. Similar to manual creation.

Step 2: Select the store corresponding to the order in excel.

Step 3: Select the filled out excel file.

Step 4: Click send.

Step 5: After the system uploads the order, the window switches to the results tab.

Step 6: Edit the list of failed orders until successful (optional).

Step 7: Select a list of successful orders to create an order

Step 8: Click on Order.

Step 9: Receive the message “Created a successful application”.


  • All orders are currently Unchecked.
  • Converted weight: the weight used to calculate the service fee, by comparing the actual weight with the converted weight (Length x Width x Height (cm) / 6000).
  • Shipping fee : of the order based on the information entered.


After creating a successful order, the window automatically switches to Order management.

Main feature:

  • View: review order details.
  • Cancel: Cancel the order.
  • Print AWB: print the bill of lading code of the order.


  • All orders must be AWB stamped before Shipper picks up.
  • When Shop proceeds to print AWB, there will be 2 samples as follows:
AWB of Bambooship
AWB of Bambooship partner

After successful collection, an Email will be sent to the shop as sample:

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